12 Valentine’s Day Outfits with Modern Romantic Vibes (2024)

Let’s face it: Winter can be a pretty dull season, fashion-wise. Once the holiday season is over, we enter several long weeks of gray, damp weather and dressing mainly for warmth over style. Fortunately, Valentine's Day brings a fresh romantic energy to lift our spirits exactly when we need it each February. Whether you love, hate, or feel indifferent towards the holiday, it’s hard to deny any excuse for some dopamine dressing as Valentine’s Day encourages us to wear bright pink and red palettes (as a bonus, the latter is very on-trend) and plenty of heart patterns. Whether you’re spending the holiday with your partner, doing Galentine’s Day with your besties, or chilling solo, read on for 12 Valentine's Day outfits that we're falling for this season.

Dinner Date

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Whether you’re going to the best restaurant in town with the love of your life or getting something casual with your latest flame, embrace the magic of the holiday by wearing something simple and romantic like this sweet heart dress on Olivia Rodrigo. Pair a patterned dress with some simple shoes and a fun scrunchie, and get excited for the romantic night that's about to unfold.

Office Romance

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Office style has been making a major comeback over the past few months, proving that wearing blazers, trousers, and the like doesn’t have to be boring. Add some romantic flair by pairing an oversized blazer with a floral pattern dress for a pop of color. Together, the ensemble will help you subtly celebrate V-day at the office without going overboard.

Chilling At Home

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Whether you’re happily single or just don’t feel like braving the crowds, it's more than possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your own home. Opt for some pink knit shorts, a matching cardigan, and your favorite sneakers for a sweet lounge moment.

Galentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day can be so overrated—and even if you're single, there's no reason you can't have fun, too. If you’re not feeling the traditional romance of the holiday this year, get your friends together to host your own Galentine’s Day event. Put on your fanciest pajamas and invite your friends over for a night of food and fun.

Sparkly Hearts

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One of the most traditional Valentine's Day symbols is the heart, so we encourage playing with it as much as you can in your outfits. If you think red and pink hearts all over are a little too on-the-nose, opt for a heart-shaped top and a black skirt to mix things up. Add some silver accessories to make it pop.

Valentine's Barbie

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While the Barbie movie may not be the first thing you'd think to watch on V-day, Barbiecore with its focus on pink and romantic fabrics is ideal for the holiday. Go all out with a heart-shaped bustier top, a ballet-inspired flowing skirt, and a fun purse to tie the look together.

Out on the Town

We’re still in the heart of winter, but Valentine’s Day can be an excuse to heat things up—in your wardrobe and your love life alike. Dare to go out in a matching sheer lace bralette and lace pants alone with some sweet bow heels, and you're sure to feel like the star that you are. Just don't forget a good statement coat or blazer to stay comfortable in the cold.

Nocturnal Romance

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Finding a date for Valentine’s Day can be a little intimidating, but with everyone having love on their mind, it could be a great day to find someone special. Whether you’re on a first date or just mingling, a red mesh bodysuit and leather pants give ultra-cool energy without screaming "single on Valentine’s Day."

Cutout Crew

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If pink isn’t your color or you cringe at kitschy patterns, try bringing a little edge to your Valentine's Day outfit. Heart-shaped cutouts take a white button-down into fun new territory, especially when paired with a long black leather skirt and simple heels.

Lingerie Statement

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Some lingerie is so pretty that you might get the urge to take it out on the town, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do just that. Take your sensual statement into fashion territory with a few simple style upgrades: A leather trench coat, a heart-shaped bag, boots, and jewelry create a put-together look that only adds to the moment.

Hopeless Romantic

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While it’s easy to make fun of Valentine’s Day, don’t be ashamed if you unabashedly love it. In fact, this is a perfect excuse to flaunt it, so go all out in head-to-toe pink, including a heart corset, a sparkly mini skirt, and some ultra-romantic heels.

Lunch Date

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Sure, everyone goes on about romantic Valentine’s Day dinners, but if your nights are busy (or you forgot to make a reservation), a lunch date can be just as fun and romantic. Throw on a heart-print romper with some coordinating shoes and romantic jewelry for a low-pressure holiday look.

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12 Valentine’s Day Outfits with Modern Romantic Vibes (2024)


What is a good outfit for Valentine's Day? ›

Pair a light pink dress with bright red tights, or style a bold red top with cute pink pumps! If you're looking for Valentine's Day outfit ideas that are a bit more sophisticated (February 14th does fall on a work day, after all!), tone the look down with a black blazer, sleek black boots, or a neutral sweater.

What is the best color to wear on Valentine's Day? ›

Pink and Red are the most commonly worn colours on Valentine's Day. These also happen to be one of the best colour combinations for a statement outfit. Red signifies love and pink means gentleness.

What to wear on Valentine's Day 2024? ›

Cute Valentine's Day Dresses

Colors like dark burgundy or pure white are perfect for a simple, sweet vibe, but patterns can also bring a bit of sophistication into the mix. Try experimenting with lacy, frilly styles–soft florals, bows, and ruffles are all trend for 2024.

What should men wear for Valentine's Day? ›

Grey, blue, or black suits are usually a good choice as Valentine's day outfits for guys. For outerwear, don an overcoat or a peacoat for a complete traditional appearance. Add stylish dress shoes or boots to complete the appearance (oxfords, derbies or monks would be ideal).

What is the dress code for Valentine's Day? ›

Red is traditionally the colour for Valentine's Day as it symbolises love, romance and passion. This is because the colour is also believed to invoke the feeling of love. However, people also wear pink and purple on this day.

What type of shape is most popular on Valentine's Day? ›

Around Valentine's Day, heart-shaped pictures appear in many homes, classrooms, and community spaces. Take advantage of these images to help children explore key early math concepts.

What does wearing pink on Valentine's Day mean? ›

From there, it was just a short step to making it a symbol of true love. What About Pink? So we have a plethora of stories about the link between red and Valentine's Day, but what about pink? Pink is often seen as a softer and more youthful version of red and stands for young love, femininity, innocence, and purity.

What does it mean to wear purple on Valentine's Day? ›

Purple can be your go-to as well. Since purple contains both red and blue, it's representative of red's passion and blue's serenity.

What does it mean to wear green on Valentine's Day? ›

Wearing green reputedly signalled a woman's willingness to make love, since it denoted fertility and the loss of virginity.

Do you dress up for Valentine's Day? ›

Whether celebrating with a significant other, gathering with friends, or simply indulging in self-love, this romantic occasion offers the perfect excuse to step into your finest attire and sparkle again. And what better color to embrace on this day of love than the passionate and timeless hue of red?

Can you wear white on Valentine's Day? ›

White is a color that symbolizes purity and is a sweet, romantic color that embodies eternal love. Reserved more for couples, wearing white on Valentine's Day can represent those in love.

How do you spoil your man on Valentine's Day? ›

10 Ways to Spoil your partner this Valentine's Day
  1. Breakfast in bed. ...
  2. Spa Day. ...
  3. Let them sleep! ...
  4. Dinner by candlelight. ...
  5. You can never be wrong with a few Pinterest ideas! ...
  6. Be conservatively romantic. ...
  7. Romantic dinner. ...
  8. A massage is always welcome.

What a man wants for Valentine's Day? ›

Some guys may be yearning for a high-quality turntable; others may want nothing more than a reliable chef's knife. Some want a trip to the spa and fancy skin care. (And, of course, there are the guys who truly just want a nice dinner and chocolate.)

What can I wear for Valentine's Day? ›

Red and pink make up the unofficial color palette of Valentine's Day for a reason, so if you're into a more traditional ensemble, Stein says let these romantic shades do the talking. “Try combining the colors, perhaps a red tulle midi skirt and a fuchsia sweater with coordinating fuchsia pumps,” she recommends.

What are pretty Valentines colors? ›

In the Valentine color palette, pink, purple, and red converge to create an enchanting symphony of love and romance. The delicate hues of light pink and light purple evoke tenderness and sweetness, while the passionate red adds a touch of fiery intensity, making it perfect for expressing affection and desire.

Should you wear red on Valentine's Day? ›

Because It's Symbolic!

Red and pink are colors we often associate with love. Red is symbolic of more of a romantic type of love, while pink represents friendships and family love.

What color are hearts for Valentine's Day? ›

Have you ever thought why red, pink and white are the colors for Valentine's day? Red means love, symbolic of the heart, and the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red and white, make pink.


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