15 Best Dc Shoes Women Brands ~ TSCentral (2024)

The most popular brands for Dc Shoes Women Includes DC Shoes, Nike, Jordan, Converse, Reebok, Hogan, New Balance, Harley-Davidson, DVS, Allbirds among many others.


DC Shoes

Popular Brand

DC is a company that believes in the power of evolution. They are dedicated to the advancement, whether on skateboards or the world's streets. It all began in 1994 when they had an idea to design a new type of skateboard shoe and clothing for those who shared their desire to rip up the streets. Today, their purpose is more vital than ever: they are still committed to producing goods and experiences that inspire people via creative designs and breakthrough technology that advances sports.

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Popular Brand

Blue Ribbon Sports was a sportswear company founded in 1964. After launching the Nike shoe brand, the company was rebranded as Nike in 1978. Its popularity exploded in the late 80s when it started acquiring numerous shoe companies and including a variety in its product line. In 1996, it opened a bar for extreme sports like mountain biking. Today, it is one of the most famous sports companies in the world.

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Popular Brand

Jordan is a brand under Nike. They work in association with each other. Jordans are known for their shoes and the sports clothing line they curated for the best. An active lifestyle is not easy. The need for cloth ware and shoes that can help with the flow of regular life is essential, and Jordan provides that to the people. The brand is well known as a global brand, and its products are always top quality.

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Best Brand

Sneakers? It’s Converse! The lifestyle footwear brand, widespread among the youth, is known for its skating shoes and apparel. Their latest DRKSHDW is the most iconic shoe and backpack collection, following Rick Owens’ signature skin palette. From high tops, low tops to platforms, their assorted collection can be bought from the brand website! They also encourage you to find your own Converse color, which means they support diversity and quirkiness. Owning a Converse is now the trend!

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Best Brand

Reebok was founded in 1958 and was one of the first few brands to include track spikes in running shoes. It may be considered a powerhouse today, but it only really found its footing in the 80s, thanks to the reintroduction of the ‘dad sneaker.’ It was an extension of J.W. Foster, which focused on athletic footwear that gained traction among athletes. Over time, Reebok made a name for itself worldwide.

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Best Brand

Hogan and sneakers are inextricably linked: the brand is one of the best designers of stylish, energetic, and comfortable footwear, founded in 1986. Hogan develops new patterns, trends, and ideas for ladies and men alike, using a fantastic combination of materials and colors every season. The brand's famous Interactive trademark line debuted in 1997 and remains the most popular, symbolizing formal elegance.

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New Balance

Best Brand

As people are getting healthier daily, the concept of workout is evolving simultaneously. Most people now opt for extreme workouts using the gym or within the comfort of their homes. To do a comfortable Workout session, people need proper accessories and clothing. New Balance is a brand to serve all health freaks with comfortable clothing and accessories to help them have a practical workout session. From apparel to shoes to various accessories, the experts at New Balance offer users a wide range of functional products.

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Best Brand

In 1903, four young men began a fierce social blaze that would spread over topographies and ages from a humble...

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DVS is one of the famous hubs of skate shoe production. It has been on the market for ten years...

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Based in New Zealand, Allbirds is proud to offer footwear that is made from materials that are entirely natural. We...

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Avia is the most recent advancement in running and walking shoes. With so many styles, colors, and designs to select...

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Capezio was formed back in 1887. They dedicate their company to the making of ballet shoes. Ballet is a form...

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BioWorld is the leading source of life science industry information and intelligence. Their team offers extensive expertise in the industries...

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Dockers by Gerli

Starting in 1985 in Merzalben, a village in the middle of the Palatine Forest, Dockers have been selling shoes for...

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Athletic Propulsion Labs

Athletic Propulsion Labs analyses the needs of athletes and manufactures high-quality shoes for ultimate and best performance. They are the...

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DC Shoes is a well-known brand that specializes in skateboarding shoes and clothing. Their products are durable, comfortable, and stylish, making them a favorite among skateboarders and fashion enthusiasts alike. In this buying guide, we will take a look at some of the best DC Shoes for women, and provide you with some tips on how to choose the right pair for your needs.

Types of DC Shoes for Women

DC Shoes offers a variety of shoes for women, each with its own style and purpose. Here are some of the most popular types:


The Chelsea is a slip-on shoe with a simple yet stylish design. It is perfect for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The shoe features a vulcanized construction for added durability, and a padded insole for enhanced comfort.

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The Heathrow is a lightweight shoe that features a breathable mesh upper and a slip-on design for easy on and off. It is perfect for running errands or taking a walk in the park. The shoe also features a padded insole and a foam sole for added comfort.

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The Trase is a classic skate shoe that features a low profile design and a durable canvas upper. It is perfect for skateboarding or any other outdoor activity that requires a reliable and comfortable shoe. The shoe also features a padded collar and tongue for added support.

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How to Choose the Right DC Shoes for Women

Choosing the right pair of DC Shoes for women can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  • Consider your needs: Think about what you will be using the shoes for. Are you planning to use them for skateboarding or other outdoor activities? Do you need them for everyday wear, or for a special occasion?
  • Choose the right style: DC Shoes offers a variety of styles, from slip-on shoes to classic skate shoes. Choose a style that fits your needs and your personal style.
  • Check the size: Make sure you choose the right size. DC Shoes offers shoes in a range of sizes, so be sure to measure your feet and check the size chart before making a purchase.
  • Consider the material: DC Shoes offers shoes in a variety of materials, including canvas, leather, and synthetic materials. Choose a material that fits your needs and your personal style.
  • Check the features: DC Shoes offers shoes with a variety of features, including padded collars, breathable mesh, and vulcanized construction. Choose a shoe with features that fit your needs.

Top 3 DC Shoes for Women

Now that you know how to choose the right DC Shoes for women, here are our top picks:

1. DC Shoes Women's Trase TX Skate Shoe

  • Canvas upper for durability
  • Vulcanized construction for added durability
  • Padded collar and tongue for added support
  • Rubber sole for grip
  • Classic skate shoe style

The Trase TX is a classic skate shoe that features a canvas upper and a rubber sole for added grip. It is perfect for skateboarding or any other outdoor activity that requires a reliable and comfortable shoe. The shoe also features a padded collar and tongue for added support, and a vulcanized construction for added durability.

2. DC Shoes Women's Heathrow IA SE Skate Shoe

  • Leather and mesh upper for breathability
  • Cupsole construction for added durability
  • Ortholite footbed for enhanced comfort
  • Rubber sole for grip
  • Sleek design

The Heathrow IA SE is a lightweight and sleek shoe that features a leather and mesh upper for breathability. It also features a cupsole construction for added durability, and an Ortholite footbed for enhanced comfort. The rubber sole provides added grip, making it the perfect shoe for any outdoor activity.

3. DC Shoes Women's Chelsea Skate Shoe

  • Canvas upper for durability
  • Vulcanized construction for added durability
  • Padded insole for enhanced comfort
  • Rubber sole for grip
  • Sleek slip-on design

The Chelsea is a stylish slip-on shoe that features a canvas upper and a rubber sole for added grip. It also features a vulcanized construction for added durability, and a padded insole for enhanced comfort. The sleek design makes it the perfect shoe for any casual occasion.


DC Shoes offers a variety of shoes for women, each with its own style and purpose. When choosing the right pair of DC Shoes for women, consider your needs, choose the right style, check the size, consider the material, and check the features. Our top picks for DC Shoes for women are the Trase TX Skate Shoe, the Heathrow IA SE Skate Shoe, and the Chelsea Skate Shoe. Choose the right pair for your needs and enjoy the comfort and style that DC Shoes has to offer.

15 Best Dc Shoes Women Brands ~ TSCentral (2024)


What happened to DC shoe company? ›

DC originally stood for "Droors Clothing", but since the sale of Droors Clothing, DC no longer has ties to Droors and is simply DC Shoes, Inc. On March 8, 2004, DC Shoes was acquired by Quiksilver in an $87 million transaction.

Why are DC Shoes so popular? ›

DC Shoes has been a staple in the skateboarding community for over two decades. With their innovative designs and high-quality products, DC Shoes quickly became one of the most popular skate shoe brands in the world. But it wasn't just their shoes that made them famous – it was also their teams.

What does Rob Dyrdek have to do with DC Shoes? ›

Around that time, Droors Clothing, which later became known as DC Shoes, began sponsoring Dyrdek. During 1995, he launched his first signature shoe (the RD 1) with DC, beginning a 20-year partnership that included 29 signature shoes. In 1999, Dyrdek expanded into the business world by founding Dyrdek Enterprises.

Do DC run big or small? ›

Expect your pair of DC sneakers to run true-to-size compared to most streetwear of its kind. Nevertheless, it is advised to have your foot length measured accurately to ensure the best-fitting DC shoe size for you.

Does Rob Dyrdek still make DC Shoes? ›

According to reports, DC Shoes is ending its two decade relationship with iconic pro skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek.

Who bought DC Shoes? ›

DC Shoes was bought by Quiksilver in 2004. This short article about the United States can be made longer.

What is the most iconic DC shoe? ›

One of the first designs he released, the Lynx, became the most iconic shoe DC had ever made.

What is DC Shoes stand for? ›

DC stands for Droors Clothing, the company who created the shoe brand in 1994. Though Droors Clothing no longer exists, DC Shoes was bought over by the company, Quiksilver. This company created the current logo in 2011 during an effort to repopularize the brand.

Are DC Shoes long lasting? ›

Durability. “The cup sole construction is really reliable and lasts as long as you need it.” The DC Plaza TC S has all it needs to be called a solid and sturdy skate shoe. The cup sole construction is really reliable and lasts as long as you need it.

What does the D and C stand for in DC Shoes? ›

In 2004, however, Droors Clothing had to be sold and was renamed DC Shoes by the new owner Quicksilver. Today's official story says that the D and C in the brand name describe the first names of the very first skaters ever sponsored by the brand. They were Danny Way and Colin McKay.

How much did Ken Block sell DC Shoes for? ›

The brand focused on the action sports market, particularly skateboarding. Sportswear company Quiksilver acquired DC Shoes in 2004, reportedly for $88 million. After selling his company, Block turned his attention to rally racing. He was named rookie of the year in the Rally America Championship in 2005.

Who is the designer of DC Shoes? ›

Who is the founder of DC Shoes? Ken Block, Damon Way, and Matt Howard are the founders of DC Shoes.

What is a size 5.5 Y in women's? ›

Jordan Women's Size Chart
Women'sMen'sGrade School
11 more rows

Do DC shoes fit to size? ›

Feedback from our customers: choose one size bigger than your usual shoe size. suitable for slightly wider feet.

Are DC shoes wide fitting? ›

Do DC Shoes Come In Wide Widths? If you're looking for a pair of shoes that offer a little more width, you might be wondering if DC Shoes come in wide widths. The answer is yes - DC Shoes does offer a wide width option on select styles of shoes.

What happened to Duff's shoes? ›

In 1999 DuFFS was bought by the Canadian footwear manufacturer Kamik but don't let this fool you into thinking that DuFFS had become a blown out commercial, mass market brand - quite the opposite in fact.

How is Ken Block so rich? ›

Ken Block's fortune didn't come from one source—his estimated net worth resulted from his prowess in rally racing and business acumen that ultimately resulted in successful ventures. The perfect co*cktail of Block's extraordinary driving and his partnerships with brands like Ford quickly threw him into high gear.

What is the oldest shoe company still in business? ›

Eduard Meier GmbH (known as "Ed Meier") is a German shoemaking company. Founded in Munich in 1596, it is the oldest existing shoemaking company in the world. Today, their headquarters and main store are situated at Palais Arco, Brienner Straße 10, in Munich.


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