Craig of the Creek - The Night (2024)

I was streaming COTC on Hulu one day, when all of a sudden Season 3 came up. It was a new season, and I was happy to be able to watch it. I watched all episodes of it, however there was a new, strange episode, called "The Night". I thought it was a Halloween special, as the air date said "October 30th, 2020". I watched it, and it started out normally.

The trio was hanging out at the Stump, where they always hang out at. Craig and his friends, JP and Kelsey go into the stump, to help add an addition to his map. When the trio exits the stump, something strange happens, it suddenly becomes nighttime. They decide to investigate, when they stumble upon Bobby, who had scratch marks and was bleeding. I was shocked at first, because this was way too violent for a kid's show, but at least it wasn't those horror story cliches where their organs are spilled out. Bobby simply had some scrape on his chin. Craig asked "What the heck happened to you, Bobby?" Bobby responded, "Something ran into me and scratched my chin." JP and Kelsey took a bandage out of Craig's purse of holding and put it on Bobby's chin. The trio continue to walk until they find the Trading Tree, which is filled with almost every creek kid. Everybody seems panicked. As if they didn't notice already, it was almost pitch black.

I could barely see the characters, and then a kid pulled out a flashlight. Apparently, when kids tried to leave the Creek to go to dinner, a huge tree blocked them from exiting the Creek. This became a mission for Craig to save the creek kids and get them out of the Creek. Before he could say anything though, a silhouette of a creature appeared and started clawing at kids, revealing blood. Off camera, a blood-curdling scream came from a kid, and by the time everybody noticed, I noticed it too, the silhouette was gone, but it left the corpse of a kid on the ground, which was thankfully blocked by a bush.

The trio are scared, and so are the rest of the kids. They all attempt to climb the tree, to safety, however a branch falls off and smashes 3 kids. After that, chaos ensues at the Trading Tree, so the trio decide to make a raft to exit the creek. However, they are chased by the silhouette again, and swim to safety. However, JP isn't careful, and he violently gets grabbed by the creature and dragged into a bush. Mortimer, Kelsey's bird flies away in shock. Kelsey calls out for Mortimer, however Craig tells her to be quiet. The two make it to the Horse Girl Meadow, where it was quiet. It was too quiet, and as they walked, Kelsey's ankle was grabbed by a dark hand and dragged into the long grass, eventually her screams echoed across the Creek. Craig runs until he sees lights, and he realizes that he made it back home.

He goes inside and sees his family, who were next to a police officer. Craig talks to the officer before Craig's mom could ask him where he was. Craig explains about the silhouette that murdered kids, and took away his friends. The officer writes it down on a notepad, and eventually it cuts to the next morning, where on the news, it says; "Breaking News, A wolf from a nearby wildlife preserve escaped into a creek, and killed 6 children in the course of 1 hour, multiple children were found after the DOT removed a large fallen tree that blocked a trail leading to the creek shore. Many of the bodies were mutilated and even disemboweled, police are still looking for the wolf. Some of the children that were trapped in the park claimed that "That thing was definitely not a wolf, and not human."

Before the episode ends, Craig wakes up in bed, realizing he had a nightmare. He gets up and goes to the creek, where he sees multiple police officers investigating.

I was shocked by how violent and dark this episode was, even mentioning disembowelment. I am never watching COTC again. Another strange thing to note here, the end credits seemed to not be the same man singing, it was instead a funeral hymn.

Thanks for reading, this is my first pasta.

Craig of the Creek - The Night (2024)


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