I'm a 52-year-old divorcee and men in their 20s can't get enough of me (2024)

  • Rozz Switzer says young men can't get enough of her
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By Belinda Cleary For Daily Mail Australia

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When Rozz Switzer got divorced in her forties she thought she would be stuck with a small pool of romantic rejects and 'appropriately aged' but boring men.

She was wrong.

Now 52, the single mum has revealed 'hot men in their 20s' line up to date her.

The Australian television personality told FEMAIL it doesn't take long for the 'MILF hunters' to come calling. And they are just as brazen in bars and coffee shops as they are online.

'They see MILFS as "real women" who can look them in the eye, hold a conversation without playing with their phones, and who know exactly what they want in bed,' she said.

Rozz has run into a few 'MILF hunters' in the eight years since her divorce and revealed exactly how to 'spot one in the wild'.

'They're the overly confident ones, the ones who are not shy in staring and winking at you from across the bar,' she said.

'They tend to hang in packs but they're the first to approach and tell you how beautiful you are and ask if they can buy you a drink for your "25th birthday".'

The TV personality told FEMAIL it doesn't take long for the 'MILF hunters' to come calling

Rozz added they are happy to make all the first moves and will often get the ball rolling.

'They'll make you laugh, they'll flatter you with compliments and stifle you with their attention. Then they will ask "have you ever been with a younger guy?",' she said.

And they're just as 'obvious' online.

'They're the ones who have put their age as 40s on their profile but in their comments they let you know they're in their 20s,' she said.

Rozz said she spoke to one recently who had changed his age from 24 to 42 on a popular dating app.

She called him 'Harry' to protect his privacy but shared his profile and their first conversation.

Rozz has been single for eight years - and was relieved to see 'good looking' men in her dating pool even though they were less age 'appropriate'

'His bio says 'The cougar hunter is back' followed by a prompt of the good old opening chat line we call… Two truths and a lie,' she said.

The two truths and a lie read: 'I'm 42, I've played basketball with Ja Rule and I love to surf'.'

He added: 'I'll let you figure which one is the lie but I think the answer is pretty straight forward.'

Harry's true age appeared under a photo on his profile which Rozz said 'exuded confidence'.

She said despite lying about his age, the young man's tall stature and good looks got him over the line.

'He wore a suit quite well... everything we hope for in a guy but just the wrong age bracket.'

She shared one man's profile who has his age listed as 49

The man 'wasn't her type' but she noted it takes less than 10 swipes to find a younger man wanting to be with an older woman

For 'research', Rozz sent him a messageasking him what it is he likes about older women.

'Just love the enthusiasm and excitement from an older woman girls my age are so self absorbed and hard to talk to,' he wrote back.

'The mum in me wanted to correct his grammar,' Rozz laughed.

Another man called 'Dale'is 27 but has put his age up to 49 online.

He wrote: 'I am27 but an older woman is just my thing so let's see what happens here.'

She said his open crotch selfies and gym photos 'weren't her thing' but did make him stand out.

The cougar hunter claimed to be 42 on his profile but quickly revealed his lie

'They're the good looking ones in the pile of the 'swipe left' continuum on the dating apps and they break up the drudgery,' she said.

The catch, of course, is that most of the younger men have short-term romances in mind.

'There is no expectation of anything more other than maybe a drunken 'you up?' message at 2am in a few weeks time from one or the other to do it again,' she said.

Rozz refused to confirm if she'd ever taken one of the young men up on their amorous offers.

She did admit that she once shunned cougars, but has softened to the dating phenomenon since becoming the target of dozens of 'MILF hunters' over the years.

I'm a 52-year-old divorcee and men in their 20s can't get enough of me (2024)


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