Solid Rock Church man arrested months after pastor's wife found dead (2024)

A congregant of the Solid Rock Church sprayed demonstrators outside the South Carolina place of worship after last Sunday's service, leading to his arrest and five misdemeanor assault charges.

The incident comes amid sustained protests at the church in support of Mica Miller, 30, the wife of pastor John-Paul, 44, who died by suicide on April 27, two days after she filed for divorce from him.

Robert W. Lochel, 67, was seen in the cell phone video shooting water at a line of protestors with a 'pressurized sprinkler,' according to an incident report filed by the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

The police described the protest as 'peaceful,' adding that Lochel only 'admitted to his actions due to wife’s frustrations.' He surrendered to police on Monday.

So far,John-Paul has refused to comment on the assault from the member of his church, though he was released from ministerial duties in early May.

Robert W. Lochel, 67, seen aiming a pressurized sprinkler at a group of protesters on the sidewalk outside Solid Rock Church. Police described the protestors as 'peaceful'

Lochel, pictured in his booking photo, admitted to the assault because of his 'wife’s frustrations,' according to report by the Myrtle Beach Police Department

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Dozens of friends and residents who believe Mica's death happened under strange circ*mstances have been protesting outsideSolid Rock Church during Sunday services for at least a month straight now.

One protester told NewsNation in early June she would be demonstrating outside the church every Sunday 'until we find justice for Mica.'

Some cold water was thrown on the wild speculation about her death in late June, when it was confirmed that Mica'scause of death was in fact suicide.

A toxicology report obtained by dismissed claims that her estranged husband could have drugged her before her death.

Regina Ward, Mica's divorce attorney, previously claimed that JP had been prescribed lithium before Mica died and alleged, he could have given this to his wife to subdue her.

The attorney also claimed he could have controlled Mica while she was in this supposed state, telling he was a 'narcissist' who 'projected his personal diagnosis.'

But since the report showed no drugs or alcohol in her system at the time of her death, this version of events was rendered inaccurate.

Mica Miller's death has been confirmed as a suicide, according to an autopsy and toxicology report obtained by nearly two months after she was found with a fatal gunshot wound

John-Paul was seen leaving his lawyer's office days after being released from his duties at Solid Rock at Market Common Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

John-Paul still receives criticism for his strange behavior after his wife was found deadin Lumber River State Park from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Miller stunned his congregation at Solid Rock when, after a service in which he had laughed and appeared entirely at ease, he announced that his wife had died and that her death was 'self-induced.'

He was also caught drinking and having dinner with another woman four days after Mica's death, revealed.

Photos show the pastor laughing while on an apparent date with the woman, identified as Suzie Skinner, 49.

Before making her intent to separate from John-Paul in April, Mica filed for divorce from her husband in October after discovering he was having multiple affairs, according to documents obtained by

She withdrew the filing in February, just two months before her death. It isn't known why she did this.

Photos obtained exclusively by show Solid Rock Church pastor JP Miller having dinner with another woman, identified as Suzie Skinner, on May 1

Divorce documents obtained by reveal that Mica filed for divorce in October last year 'on the grounds of adultery'

There's also a belief that John-Paul groomed Mica, since she met him when she was just 14 years old as a member of his youth church group.

The Robeson County Sheriff's Office, which has been in charge of the investigation of Mica's death, has been coordinating with the FBI and federal attorneys.

While the FBI hasn't commented, it is understood that Mica kept a daily journal detailing her struggle and abusive marriage prior to her death.

Mica posted a video to Facebook several weeks before her death speaking about abuse within marriage and offering support to 'ANYONE struggling with leaving a dangerous situation because they think God will be 'mad' at them.'

'God hates divorce, but why? According to everybody that I've asked and the scriptures I've seen it's because it hurts people. But does abuse hurt people. How do you think God feels about that?' Mica added.

Mica , left, and John-Paul, right, are pictured wearing the same necklace. Mica is seen in Ring doorbell footage the day of her death wearing what John-Paul said was her favorite necklace

Mica Miller's sister Sierra (left) shared a series of disturbing texts from her estranged husband during an altercation between the couple in 2022

Messages show Miller sent a text to Sierra saying he was on her way to her house, where Mica was staying in November 2022

One instance of potentially abusive behavior from John-Paul came to light via disturbing texts he sent threatening Mica's family 18 months before his and Mica's marriage broke down.

At the time, he texted his sister-in-law Sierra that he was coming to her home 'armed' and 'ready,' reported.

In probate court records, Mica's family has accused John-Paul of abusing her and driving her to live in fear.

He is accused in court documents of grooming Mica for years from the age of 14, committing her to hospital so he could steal her car, and cheating on his first wife, Alison, with underage churchgoers.

He has not been charged in relation to her death.

Solid Rock Church man arrested months after pastor's wife found dead (2024)


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